Women’s Economic Empowerment

YWCA Alaska Economic Empowerment Program

Our mission supports building an economy that works for all Alaskans; acts as a catalyst for systemic change; to dismantle systems that contribute to the perpetuation of poverty, homelessness, and inequality.


Photo by Marcus Aurelius from Pexels

Photo by Marcus Aurelius from Pexels

Financial Tips

Below you will find the links and further information on the financial tips discussed on YWCA Alaska social media.


YWCA seeks to equip Alaskan women with the skills to successfully run their own businesses. We are ready to start breaking barriers and building businesses.


WE360 provides education, mentoring, coaching, and access to a nationwide network of entrepreneurs.


Whether you are seeking to launch a new business or gain the skills and tools to enhance a current business, WE360 is right for you. This comprehensive curriculum is foundational best practices for a successful and thriving business.


WE360 is virtual, therefore Alaskans from across the state are invited to participate.


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What we do

We provide education to assist people in their efforts to gain control in their own lives through increasing their income and living standards. We foster engagement to build community and a shift in our social conscious towards compassion and respect to bridge the socio-economic divide.

Our Services

  • Financial literacy education and work-readiness skill building
  • Workshops with community partners such as the Anchorage Public Library and Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
  • Equip people with basic budgeting skills
  • Coach people to develop informed financial goals
  • Provide wealth development opportunities and assist people to address financial emergencies

Assist with resume writing, mock interviews, and other work-readiness skills.



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