Male Supporters


YWCA Alaska is proud to announce our newest giving circle:

The Circle of Men

Every man came from a woman, and every man has been positively impacted by at least one woman. YWCA Alaska is proud to announce our first ever group for male supporters, the Circle of Men.

YWCA Alaska is part of one of the oldest women’s organizations in the nation, defending the rights of women and girls for over 150 years. We are facing a time where the fight for women’s rights is more important than ever, and we need everyone’s support in our mission to eliminate racism and empower women.

How can you help?  Join the YWCA Alaska Circle of Men and become a Circle Supporter by clicking the “Donate Now” button below, send this email to someone in your life who would like to join the Circle of Men, or share our updates on Facebook. While men who donate $1,200 or more per year will be added to the Circle of Men, donations at any level are greatly appreciated and help make sure women’s voices are heard. You can champion equality and have a meaningful and significant impact in our community and in the lives of Alaska’s women.

What do the Circle of Men members get?  Any man who donates $1,200 or more per year will be listed on our website, annual report, related print materials and social media outlets. They will also receive access to exclusive events throughout the year. Best of all, your commitment to YWCA Alaska says that you are dedicated to creating a world in which equality prevails, where peace, justice, freedom, and dignity are the rights of every person.

Please consider joining the Circle of Men today or encouraging a man in your life to become a member. Equality in our community depends so much on you and others like you.


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