Mission Supporters

Please consider adding your voice to help create a more dynamic, synergistic, and impactful YWCA Alaska!


EXCITING NEWS!  YWCA Alaska has shifted from a “Membership” organization to a “Donor” organization.

Why?  Because we want to be ALL inclusive.  YWCA Alaska has MANY male supporters as well as many young supporters.  Our membership structure did not allow for male members or members under the age of 12.  Excluding such an important piece of who we are didn’t seem right.

How?  We asked our current members to vote in favor of letting us include ALL of Alaska in our mission and they responded with an overwhelming YES!

Now what?  As of now, EVERYONE is welcome and encouraged to be Mission Donors or Mission Supporters!  Men, women and children.  Join us in our mission to eliminate racism, empower women, stand up for social justice, help families and strengthen communities. 

To become a Mission Supporter today, click here!

Please contact us with any questions regarding support levels at 644-9600 or kstutzer@ywcaak.org.