Afghan Magazine Hopes to Counter Men’s Sway

Posted on: May 30th, 2017 by aaronjamesyoung | No Comments

The first issue of the Afghan women’s magazine covers standard ground, like fashion tips during pregnancy and interviews with young pop artists about their love lives. There is also more serious fare, like an article about breast cancer and an essay on a proposed family law that has been delayed for years by conservatives who oppose the safeguards it would bring.

Yet the magazine, Gellara, differs in one crucial respect from most women’s periodicals around the world: It could provoke anger, or worse.

Gellara, which began on Thursday with a print run of 2,000 copies, does not list its office address. Its editor, Fatana Hassanzada, above right, is aware that she will face resistance in certain circles of men who, without even reading the magazine, will view its content as leading women astray and, therefore, dangerous.

She knows that the magazine — the product of nearly five months of work by a dozen young female volunteers — could very well be burned.

Despite the risk, she hopes Gellara becomes a household name, a forum for conversation for young women that can be slipped under apartment doors or into purses, and offered at beauty parlors and dentist offices…

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