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Jessie Lavoie Image

Jessie Lavoie


The Alaska Community Foundation

“Everyone deserves to feel empowered and equal in our world.”

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Davina Napier

Vice Chair

Northrim Bank

“Until we all have a seat at the table, none of us do. Until we are all safe, none of us are. Until we, as a nation, live up to the promise of “liberty and justice for all,” the Y has work to do.”

Janel Headshot

Janel Hodge


The Alaska Community Foundation

“The mission and purpose of the YWCA connects me and gives me hope for the future. I've experienced much in life, from a life of privilege to a life of struggle, with the worry of being able to provide for my children. I value the work the YWCA does to educate youth, to start from the youngest age to ensure next generations are raised with openness and acceptance.”

Margie Poschin

Margie Poschin



“I’m excited to support and empower women in our community through economic development and social justice programs.”

Tiarra Gustin Image

Tiarra Gustin


Credit Union 1

“I’m excited to be a part of the YWCA board because it allows me the opportunity to advocate for women’s empowerment and work towards building a more inclusive community.”

Christy Colucci

Chrissy Colucci


“I am a white, cisgendered woman and I know that affords me a lot of privilege in today’s world. Even though I strive to be an advocate for an inclusive and equitable world for all, I also know I still have a lot to learn to ensure that my allyship is valuable and helps to move progress.”

Frizzell edit

Amber Frizzell

Alaska Wealth Advisors

“Expanding our connectedness leads to awareness, then to understanding, then to action. I enjoy spending time with possibility thinkers, I often find myself wishing everyone could see how we’re all connected. Creating positive, engaging, and fun outreach is an important piece in bridging the gap between individuals and spreading an organization’s mission.”

Olson edit

Lori Olson

Hilcorp Alaska

“I’m excited to be a part of this organization, to inspire young women to reach for their goals. And that with dedication and hard work, almost anything is possible.”

Orm edit

Dakota Orm


“I aim to help create a community where we are removing barriers for women to achieve anything they dream of, and to remove inequities that many experience, especially women of color. I want to be part of a team that lifts our community and makes it a better place to live and thrive for even our most vulnerable.”

Cassandra Raun

Cassandra Raun

Coldwell Banker Endeavor Realty

“Words are important. Words matter. But we also must do as we say. It's not enough to say that there should be more women, Black, Indigenous and people of color in government. We have to vote for those candidates. Better still, we can campaign for those candidates. We can knock on doors, fundraise, and encourage our friends to vote for them, too. It's not enough to say that we need to hear more Black, Latino, and Indigenous voices. We need to buy the books, listen to the music, show up at the shows. Words matter. Actions bring change.”

Zollner edit

Shauna Zollner


“My goal is to inspire girls to try out more in STEM and to inspire boys to recognize and speak out when gender is portrayed as something that designates an aptitude or appropriateness for activities, aesthetics, academics, or advancement.”

Karina Liranzo

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