Women Veterans Program

How We Began 

Alaska Veterans’ Organization for Women was founded in 2011 by Vanessa Meade, a US Army/ Gulf War veteran. In January 2013, AVOW became a program of YWCA. Today, we continue the work of increasing visibility, community, and access for women veterans in Anchorage and Alaska.

Who We Are

YWCA Alaska acknowledges that women veterans have unique perspectives and experiences relating to their military service. AVOW is committed to honoring women veterans’ service through empowerment and action. We are dedicated to connecting Alaska’s women veterans to each other and their community.

What We Do


YWCA Alaska’s Women Veterans Program is currently in transition. Please check back regularly for information on next steps we anticipate. In the meantime, all opportunities and news specifically for Alaskan women veterans will be made available on our facebook page: www.fb.com/AlaskaWomenVets/.

If you have any questions about YWCA Alaska’s AVOW Program please call 907-644-9612 or email  avow@ywcaak.org.

AVOW is invested in our women veterans. We are always looking for ways to better serve you.

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