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YWCA Alaska’s Cultural Connections Program, formerly know as the Intercultural Responsiveness Assessment Program (IRAP), is a development process that begins with an assessment to determine how an individual navigates intercultural interactions, and then provides education and coaching to build skills in this area. Intercultural responsiveness is a life-long commitment, and is equal parts being aware of oneself and learning about others. While there are wonderful local resources to teach the public about specific cultures, studies show that an individual must first acknowledge how their own culture affects their behavior and beliefs before they can begin to successfully integrate knowledge of other cultures. Cultural Connections provides individual and group assessments and coaching, which can not only lead to increased skills bridging cultural divides, but also increases the odds of success for multicultural groups in a business or learning environment.

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For more information or to schedule a training, contact Valarie Clark, Director of Programs, at or 907-644-9624.