Cultural Connections

YWCA Alaska’s Cultural Connections Program is the catalyst that will help organizations leverage cultural and racial diversity for success while equipping them with the tools needed to effectively foster equity and inclusion. The program is specific to you and catered to your specific needs. YWCA Alaska staff works with you to determine your intercultural development goals and then designs a plan to help you attain your goals. We utilize an innovative, comprehensive, assessment-driven approach to developmental learning that equips people with intercultural competence and strengthens our diverse community.

Lee Mun Wah shares a story that beautifully illustrates the importance of investing in cultural competence training. We all have to better embrace and value cultural difference, rather than only celebrating it.

Don’t just check a box when it comes to diversity training. Invest in intercultural development. Invest in you. Invest in our community.


Click here for a downloadable PDF of our Cultural Connections Program Booklet.