Social Justice

70% of prisoners in Alaska are people of color and Alaska Native.

Women in Alaska earn 67% of what their male counterparts earn.

42 out of 100 women in Anchorage have experienced intimate partner violence.

YWCA Alaska’s Social Justice program provides a catalyst for racial and gender equity, peace, and justice by providing resources, dialogue, education, and opportunities for action.


Overcome Your Biases by Boldly Approaching Them


Senshido Self Defense


Recognizing that women need to protect themselves against domestic violence and sexual assault, YWCA offers this two hour course. Senshido is a self-defense strategy that can be used by anyone, regardless of age, gender, size or athletic ability. This class is offered on Thursday evenings at YWCA Alaska–call 644-9600 for registration and more information.

Annual Community Events

Stand Against Racism: April 27-30, 2017

Clark Informers

Stand Against Racism is a national movement and annual event. Coordinated by YWCA sites across the country, organizations are invited to become Participating Sites by hosting their own “Stand.” Individuals are then invited to join any of the “Stands”, where hundreds of thousands of people will take a Stand Against Racism™ across the country during the last week in April. Click here for more information about YWCA AK’s 2017 event.

Joining in the national movement to encourage community involvement to raise awareness of racism.
To become a participating site for this year’s Stand, go to to register and get more information. Or call us at 644-9624.