Social Justice

YWCA Alaska’s Social Justice program provides a catalyst for racial and gender equity, peace, and justice by providing resources, dialogue, education, and opportunities for action. In addition to responding to social justice issues as they emerge, the Social Justice program has three core components: 1) Cultural Connections, an intercultural development training program, 2) Stand Against Racism, a national movement to eliminate racism in our communities, and 3) Advocacy, using our voice to advocate for social justice.


Cultural Connections

YWCA Alaska’s Cultural Connections Program is the catalyst that will help organizations leverage cultural and racial diversity for success while equipping them with the tools needed to effectively foster equity and inclusion. Program options include: Intensive Groups Workshop, Individual Intercultural Development Inventories, Structured Peer-to-Peer Engagement, Long-term Coaching, Full/Half Day Intercultural Development Immersion Retreats, and Organizational Assessment and Recommendations Reports.

Stand Against Racism

Stand Against Racism is a national movement and annual event. Coordinated by YWCA sites across the country, organizations are invited to become Participating Sites by hosting their own “Stand.” Individuals are then invited to join any of the “Stands”, where hundreds of thousands of people will take a Stand Against Racism™ across the country during the last week in April. Click here for more information about YWCA AK’s 2017 event. Joining in the national movement to encourage community involvement to raise awareness of racism. To become a participating site for this year’s Stand, go to to register and get more information. Or call us at 644-9624.


As an organization dedicated to eliminating racism and empowering women, we regularly respond to injustice in our communities. We use our voice to advocate for social justice and our platform to inspire positive change.


Contact Info

Justin Zagorski, Social Justice Program Manager
907-644-9624 or